5 Steps in Becoming a Strong Grounded Man

Strong men needed!

Congratulations, by reading this today you have decided to build the life that you were destined to live and become a strong grounded man. A life full of meaning and satisfaction. This is the first step in your journey to reclaim your masculine power, develop your self confidence, and dominate your path to success.

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Becoming a Stong Man

1. Change the Mind then you will change the Man

As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he“. What people think about you really doesn’t matter, what matters most is the way you think about yourself. Begin to see yourself as valuable, strong, impeccable, trustworthy, fully confident, and prosperous. More men are struggling from depression, anxiety, and loneliness. In the current economy, many men are finding it difficult to fulfill a breadwinner role, leaving them without a powerful sense of pride, purpose and meaning in life. The only way out of that negative mindset is by taking bold unrelenting steps towards your desired goals because just making up your mind is not good enough. Your thoughts become a reflection of who you really are.

2. Eliminate Toxic Self Sabotaging Behavior

If a community is a relatively quiet and has peaceful people gets invaded by bad folks who begins to cause distress to the rest of the community by stealing and terrorizing families there. Resulting in this once strong knitted community to become disruptive and unproductive. What have moved into your life that is causing chaos? The average man spends 2.8 hours a day wasting time on social media and gaming apps. More than 70% of men admit to using pornography as a means to escape from life. More than 53% of men admit to some form of addictive vice (marijuana, cigarettes, alcohol, cocaine, heroine etc.) Until you liberate yourself from these toxic self sabotaging behaviors no profound change can take place in your life.

3. Don’t be Resentful

C.S. Lewis, “Everyone thinks that forgiveness is a lovely idea, until he has something to forgive.”

Jesus asked Peter in Matthew 18:21-22. “How often will my brother sin against me, and I forgive him?” “As many as seven times?” The response from Jesus was astounding, “I do not say to you seven times, but seventy-seven times.” It is important for you to move on leave the past behind you. Ignore the voices that says to take revenge, and gather hate in your heart. Enjoy life, your past should not determine how you set out yourself in the future. Living free, be strong and purposeful doesn’t mean you won’t remember what they did to you, but forgiving others is the only way you can say ” I’m not looking back I’m moving ahead….I’m moving forward”

4. Surround yourself with Mentors

Often times men feel as though they have to do things alone and figure it out by themselves. Men don’t like to ask for directions even if they are lost. They feel that the answer to their problems is just simply to work longer and harder. My question for you is “Do you let anyone try to help you?” Do you feel you weaker or strong by asking for help? No man is an island, every man needs at least one person in their life to be held accountable and keep them on their way towards living their best life.

5. Be Yourself

There has never been somebody like you in the past, or would there be another like you in history. You are strong, a designer’s original, one of a kind. Now is the time that you start to value yourself, have the courage to be yourself, recognize and appreciate your gifts, and move forward in the world sharing them with others. The reason why we are afraid to be ourselves is because of low perception we have of our self. Allow yourself to be comfortable in your own skin, always do your best.  You move forward and use each day as a means to present your gifts to the world at large to make it a better place.

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