R Irvin Paddier

Founder / President

Digital Design

Hi welcome, despite our circumstances it’s up to each individual to create their own narrative. Don’t allow anything to dictate who you are. Know your worth, you have greatness in you!

Our Mission

Men of Purpose is a ministry that provides a platform for men to mentor men, both young and old, in order to assist them as they develop into strong Christian leaders.  Through various methods Men of Purpose will reach out to men who are not yet Believers, with the goal of sharing with them who Christ is.

When you go after children you reach children. When you go after women you reach women. But when you go after men you reach men, women and children.

We are committed to developing strong male leadership in a feminized society. This is the reason why we very intentional in our efforts to go after men locally, regionally and internationally.

Men of Purpose founder and president Pastor R Irvin Paddier has intensified efforts to call men to assume their God-given roles in this generation.

What can we do for you?

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At Men of Purpose our only goal is to spread the love of Christ to all who seek it. Please join us in helping the kingdom of God grow. God Bless.

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