Building Better Men Workshop

About the Workshop

The Man workshop is a short-term, intensive setting that maximizes your investment of time and money. The three-day workshop provides the equivalent of 3 – 4 months of weekly sessions and is a huge jump-start to a dynamic Men’s Ministry.
Participation is limited to 10 attendees or less. For group processing, participants are divided into small groups of no more than six men and work with the same leader throughout the workshop. Individual counseling is not part of the workshop.
Communication with Men of Purpose is critical to your participation in the Workshop. If you have not submitted your required paperwork or notified Men of Purpose of your intentions to attend you lose the opportunity to a life changing experience.

Format & Agenda

The workshop is a group and individual experience.

Workshops typically fill up, so register early.Therefore, men are strategic for the future of Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean, and the rest of the world.

Sessions normally begins 8 am, although we adjust our time to accommodate your need.

The workshop format is intense and specifically designed to maximize a man’s time and investment. This is not a men’s retreat. The intensive approach consists of a combination of instruction, writing exercises, small groups, and group activities. Both didactic (teaching) and experiential (psychodrama, role-playing, etc.) interventions are used.

Topics include:

  • Unmanageability and shame
  • Family dynamics
  • Childhood abuse
  • Cycle of addiction
  • Boundaries
  • Tools of recovery
  • Relapse prevention
  • Disclosure and regaining trust
  • Couple and family issues
  • Spiritual concerns and growth
  • Drug addiction

We will really value your input to this workshop and your partnership in reaching men of all ages and are at different stages of their lives – please confirm that you are interested as soon as possible by responding to  this message.

For further information about this workshop please contact us at:

Blessings, R.Irvin Paddier

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