It’s here – Courageous Men Revival Conference 2017!

The main aim is to equip men with tools that will enable them to stand up and make a difference in our communities.

We believe that if you heal men, you heal families,  which in turn,  heals communities and in turn heals our society and nation.
Our communities, therefore, benefit from strong and courageous men. This is what the world needs today.


Men attending the conference will, therefore, benefit as follows:

* Understand the question “Who am I as a man?”
* Discover & learn about the toolkit that every man needs.
* Learn on how to develop their lives to be a testimony bigger than their testosterone.
* Discover the heart of God for men (the purpose of men).

Main Speaker

Our main speaker for our 2016 conference is Pastor Mark David (Siparia Open Bible). Pastor Mark David is also the Secretary-Treasurer of The Open Bible Standard Churches of T & T Inc.

We would love you to join us and experience this event with us.

Please register below.

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