How to glorify God in a suicidal situation?

How can I glorify God? Is that even possible? It is difficult in itself to wrap my simple mind around the greatness of God, The Father, The Son and last but not at all least The Holy Spirit.

When I journey through the Word of God aka The Bible I overwhelmed with excitement. Within the span of a few pages you can go from being captivated by the rich and authentic history to being moved to tears by the love of God.

So is it possible to glorify God?

Well according to the Prophet Isaiah we were created for His glory “Even every one that is called by my name: for I have created him for my glory, I have formed him; yes, I have made him.” (Isaiah 43:7).

What is the origin of the word “glorify” in the Bible?

glorify, beautify, embellish, ornament, adorn


lift, exalt, glorify, aerate


praise, commend, compliment, applaud, laud, glorify


admit, thank, confess, acknowledge, avow, glorify  לְפַאֵר
Men may glorify God, that is, give to Him the worship and reverence which are His due (Isaiah 24:1525:3Psalms 22:23Daniel 5:23Matthew 5:16.)

If I’m disobeying God’s Word, then I’m sinning and not glorifying Him. It’s an overarching principle to govern all of life: Live so as to glorify God (1 Cor. 10:31). Psalm 115 is not comprehensive, but as far as it goes, it tells us how to live that way:

Because God alone is to be glorified, avoid all idolatry, seek God for all your needs, and praise Him all your days.

C. H. Spurgeon said (Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit [Pilgrim Publications], 48:294, 295,

If you meet with a system of theology which magnifies man, flee from it as far as you can…. Here is a test for you to apply, and by it you may tell whether a thing is true or not. Does it glorify God?Then, accept it. If it does not, if it glorifies man—puts human will, human ability, human merit, into the place of the mercy and the grace of God—away with it, for it is not food fit for your souls to feed upon.

When situations takes an unexpected turn in our life and we spend more of our time dealing with it, we become stressed out and very unsatisfied. It is however in these perilous times that we are called to glorify God. I know praising God in a moment of hopeessness is very unnerving and against every emotion in you but this is what wants from us. 
God specializes in your chaotic situation.  He’s an expert in disaster zones. When you glorify God He raises you out of your mess and turns it into your message of His love for you. Worrying about sickness and calamity doesn’t give you anything but more worry but giving it to God by praising Him results in Jesus taking it away.
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