The #1 Prayer Response Army

With the insane level of uncertainty that is facing the world. Believers are responding with prayer. There is no better time than now for God’s people to respond to the devastation that is plaguing our every day lives.

The development of Covid-19 has been as rapid as it has been deadly. In the space of a few months it has turned from a minor news item from a part of China few of us had heard of, to the global pandemic that has been the stuff of disaster planning for the last 50 years.

From November 2020 till the writing of this article men and women have been gathering every Sunday 4:30PM (ECT) and every Tuesday 6:30PM of which every other Tuesday is dedicated to prayer and encouragement for businesses.

Church Leaders Are Responding to COVID-19 Challenges:

Churches are affected. Meeting for worship, Bible study, and fellowship, Christian congregations often represent the largest weekly gatherings in their communities. Church members sit near one another. They shake hands. They hug. They share meals. However, those routine interactions can easily facilitate disease transmission from one person to another.

So, what should church leaders do to keep members safe? How can churches protect themselves and spread the Gospel at the same time?

We have engaged the technology via zoom to connect with powerful men and women of God from all over the world to prayer with one voice to God.

Here are three ways we responded to the dangers and disruptions associated with the coronavirus pandemic.

  1. Prayer for Personal Revival

Believers are not immune to anxiety. He should strive to know, Jesus and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings (Philippians 3:10). “That I may know Him”. Develop a holy dissatisfaction. Ask God to grant you a holy desire to seek Christ in the Written Word.

2. Prayer for the local Church and Ministries

The church that prays for revival prays for a great awakening (Acts 3:19-20). There is a reason the revivals in early America are referred to as the Great Awakenings. If there is anything needed today it is an awakening from our slumber.

We are so sleepy toward God, even the best among us. Our God-sensibilities, by and large, are so dreary that many Christians no longer even pick up their Bible. Entertainment has dulled us, yes, but the problem is deeper than that.

We haven’t merely been entertained by other things, we have failed to be awed by God. The church that prays for revival, then, is praying for an awakening to God. They are praying for times of refreshing from the Lord.

Faith and Finances

3. Prayer for the Nation

The disciples of Jesus are the salt of earth and the light of the world (Matthew 5:13-16). If we lose our saltiness or hide our light, what hope will be left for the lost people of our nation? Our relentless cry must join with the psalmist:

Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you? (Psalm 85:6)

Prayer and repentance are two of the chief means by which God accomplishes His purposes. The Fathers will be hearing and responding to the cries of His children.

The Prayer Response Army

Pray these prayers for revival of God’s people. Pray with zealous passion and determination to have what you seek, according to the word of God (Luke 18:1-8).

  1. I exalt you, King of the nations, who righteously reigns over the earth in perfect wisdom and strength.
  2. I praise You, Father, for the (call your country) and for all of its blessings.
  3. I thank You, God, for the Church You have raised up in (call your country) from generations past through today.
  4. Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we praise You now for Your love and power to do the impossible.

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