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Understanding the Principles of Giving

Many people want to receive but they are never willing to give. It is a law, the giver is the one that receives. The more you want to receive and refuse to give, the more you will run dry of resources, money, etc.

Example: If I want to give you something and your hand is closed, how will you collect it from me? It’s the same way, God says “open your hand and give” so that you can receive!

Be a giver: give freely, help others, sow into the life of others and do it knowing that you are lending to God and the Lord will pay you back. As you have been given, so also give. READ Proverbs 19:17Luke 6:38. Every giver is empowered to give. If you struggle with giving, then you need to ask God to empower you and be willing to release that which you have when God asks you to.

Join Pastor David Tam on Tuesday 3rd August 2021, 6:30pm (ECT) as we discuss the topic Understanding the Principles of Giving on zoom.

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