Men Talk and Study Group

5 Psalms for Men Who Are Struggling

If you are a man that is struggling in silence, then turn to the Psalms. In them, you find strong men revealing how they too were struggling, how they were weak and ashamed…

Glorifying God

How can I glorify God? Is that even possible? It is difficult in itself to wrap my simple mind around the greatness of God, The Father, The Son and last but not at all least The Holy Spirit.

Fine Food Cuisine

We would be having a grand dinner and fellowship afterwards,  your registration is crucial to us for catering services.

"Remember the greatest man that ever lived is Jesus the Son of the living God"
Angus Buchan
Evangelist & Author based in South Africa

Let's Talk Purpose Podcast

Good News For Men!

God has a Purpose, Plan and Passion for every man and his family.
Men of Purpose
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